Underwater Digital Photography Gear Recommendations By Mauricio Handler

Underwater Photography Gear Recommendations By Mauricio Handler

    Expert underwater photojournalist, Mauricio Handler, has an innovative approach to marine photography. He pairs years of experience, an innate creativity, and interesting shooting techniques with a variety of gear to master such beautiful shots. In the following article, Handler shares his gear recommendations to achieve beautiful underwater pictures. Underwater Gear: Housings, Cameras, Lighting […]

Environmental Statement by remarkable underwater digital photographer Mauricio Handler

This is one of the most famous and recognizable underwater images of our times. The photo of me working underwater was taken by Brian Skerry.

  As a wildlife underwater photographer I have seen first hand the changes that have occurred and continue to transform our natural world, in particular our oceans, lakes and streams. The list is long and would take many pages to address. The highlights though are clearly the loss of coastal habitat and coral, the increase […]

Interview With Mauricio Handler: Underwater Photographer Shares His Passion

It was taken freediving and on the surface as two sailfish, male and female came to the waters surface. Nikon D3 w/ 17-35 mm lens and 2x Ikelite strobes.

What lies below the sea seems a mystery to many of us land dwellers. However, marine photojournalist, Mauricio Handler, does an incredible job of capturing the deep blue sea and shooting images of what occurs beneath the surface. He uses light in an incredible way to portray the creatures that live beneath the surface most […]

Underwater and Marine Photography Techniques with Mauricio Handler

This is a photo Mauricio Handler did of Nat GEO photographer Brian Skerrry in Izu Japan.

  Remarkable underwater and marine photographer, Mauricio Handler, is an expert at using lighting, composition, filters, and a variety of other techniques to capture incredible shots. He is one of the most talented underwater photographers in the world and has great insight of the techniques it takes to get a beautiful shot. In the following […]

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