Digital photography and HDR Technique Tutorial

Completed HDR Image “Fleetwood Wreck”

How to Produce High Quality High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos I recently had the opportunity to interview Jason Connolly, a wonderful HDR photographer in Northern England.  After our interview, I asked Jason if he would share with us his technique for processing HDR images.  He kindly agreed, and has allowed me to share this tutorial […]

Process High Dynamic Range (HDR) Images Using Photoshop

Final HDR image

There are many High Dynamic Range (HDR) software packages available for purchase all over the Internet these days! With all the choices, it might be difficult for some to decide exactly which package to buy. However, if you are already a Photoshop user, you can actually process your HDR images beautifully using this terrific software […]

Capturing a world of super-realism through HDR photography by famous HDR photographer Trey Ratcliff

Capturing a world of super-realism through HDR photography

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HDR photography techniques & gear with professional HDR photographer Jason Connolly

Cleveleys During Sunset

I recently have had the great honor of interviewing a wonderful photographer from Northern England, Jason Connolly.  His work in High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography is nothing short of fabulous, as his main concentrations have been on the beautiful, picturesque English countryside. Jason’s work affects me personally as I am from the same part of […]

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