Interview With Mauricio Handler: Underwater Photographer Shares His Passion

It was taken freediving and on the surface as two sailfish, male and female came to the waters surface. Nikon D3 w/ 17-35 mm lens and 2x Ikelite strobes.

What lies below the sea seems a mystery to many of us land dwellers. However, marine photojournalist, Mauricio Handler, does an incredible job of capturing the deep blue sea and shooting images of what occurs beneath the surface. He uses light in an incredible way to portray the creatures that live beneath the surface most […]

Famous Underwater Digital Photographer, Marine photojournalist and Explorer: Mauricio Handler

Mauricio Handler during a British Virgin Islands workshop. Note the early rig- a Mamiya RZ67 housed in an Aquatica Housing. Photo Credit: RAUL TOUZON

  With an addiction to jet fuel and a passion for adventure, Mauricio Handler created a career for himself in marine photojournalism. His photographs reveal mysteries that exist both above and below sea level, capturing the grace and beauty of marine life. Passionate about documenting life, landscapes, and peoples living close to any and all […]

Underwater photography with Famous Underwater Photographer Eric Cheng

False percula clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris), Indonesia

According to famous underwater photographer and the editor and publisher of Wetpixel Quarterly, Eric Cheng, shooting under water requires more from the photographer technically than when shooting on land. Eric attributes successful underwater photography to being an excellent diver first, noting the need for good buoyancy to position himself properly and in the right places […]

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