Fashion Photographer Tony Ryan: An Eye For Beauty

Australian nude and fashion photographer Tony Ryan
Australian nude & fashion photographer Tony Ryan

With a passion for people and human nature, Australian Fashion photographer Tony Ryan set out in 1989 to take on a career he had always dreamed of. Beginning as a model, Ryan was immersed into the world of photography and decided to take on this new passion, becoming an entirely self-sufficient nude and fashion photographer by 1995.

Best known for specializing in the curves of the body, he portrays the grace, beauty, and authenticity of a nude with complete class. Ryan refers to himself as a posing and directional specialist, believing that he has a sense to know when something or someone looks good.

“I have always sensed and noticed beauty” and this is passionately proven through his tasteful and stunning photographs.

Ryan says his career was professional right from the start. He knew there was a market for photographs of beautiful Australian women and had always wanted to make a living doing something he was passionate about. He began to pursue this dream in 1989 when he changed directions from modeling and became a photographic director where he did everything other than “push the button”. From this job, he began shooting and had another photographer set up the technical side. Already by 1995, he was doing everything himself.

Tony Ryan quickly became immersed in his dream of photographing beautiful women, naturally seeing the beauty of their curves through the lens. Though he believes most people have an intuitive ability to sense what looks and feels beautiful, he goes one step further in photographing his models because he is able to stay connected with his own intuitive self. While it is easy to take suggestive or contrived shots if one loses focus, Ryan avoids this by being relaxed in his observation and communication abilities.

“In my shoots I am often talking, nonstop directing, giving feedback, and fully immersing myself in the process.”

The most crucial technique for Ryan to achieve his style is lighting. Always making sure there is abundant natural light, he beautifully filters it with early 1900 factory glass, creating a unique effect. On top of that he uses 4 Mole Richardson 2k tungsten head lights in addition to two flash heads. He then shoots his photos with a Nikon D200, usually with an 80-200 mm lens. With this gear, he is able to capture incredible nude images that present grace, beauty, and authenticity.

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