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An Intimate Look At Australian Farm Life

This HDR how-to by professional HDR photographer Noelene Davies  is a special treat for our readers at IDP. I have had the pleasure recently of conducting an interview with Australian photographer/artist Noelene Davies. Noelene is the first person I have interviewed who also owns and works on a sheep and cattle farm in Australia. In addition to some lovely scenery photos Noelene has captured, you will see some very interesting farm work photos, including sheep-shearing, that Noelene has agreed to share with us.


I find her life to be quite different and rather fascinating, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to learn about Noelene’s interesting profession and about her enjoyment of photography.

On with the interview…Hello Noelene, please share with us how you became interested in photography.

I have always been interested in photography since I was a young girl in my teens. My uncle owned a camera business called Haldex, and it is still in the family today run by my cousin, so I guess it has always been in my blood. When I turned 21, my parents bought me my first good camera which was a Voigtlander, and I still have it today plus a few other cameras which I have collected over the years. In the early eighties I bought my first SLR camera, which was a Pentax and two good lenses, but I didn’t like it. In 2004 I bought a Nikon SLR film camera, which I thought was great, and then came the digital camera era, so I waited until October 2006, and I bought my first digital camera which is a Nikon D80, and I just adore it and still use it today.

That’s terrific that you have had such a long-lived interest in photography Noelene! Tell me what inspires you artisically?

The things that inspire me artistically are the many photos I see on Internet sites such as Red Bubble, and looking at books, and just looking at what’s in front of me when I go to capture it with my camera.

I think I need to ask you some harder questions Noelene! Could you please explain the techniques you use to create and enhance your photos?

Well I haven’t got many techniques, but my favorite is Photomatix Pr 3 (HDR – High Dynamic Range) which I find very easy, and I only use one photo to get my HDR. I don’t take heaps of photos of the same shot and I still achieve the same HDR technique. I also love Picasa 3, and that’s where I do all my cropping, and I also have Coral Paintshop Pro Ultimate photo X2, and Adobe Photoshop Elements 7, but don’t use them very much. I also do some of my work using Lucis Art, which is an add-on to Photoshop. I think this process should only be used on certain captures, but that might not be everyone’s idea.

This is some great information Noelene, I have seen your Lucis effect photos and really like them. Okay, moving right along…

What type of camera and lenses do you use? (Can you be specific about the models, etc?).  Also, if you use a tripod, tell us which kind.I have two cameras I use and I will put them in order of my Favorites:

  •  Nikon D80
  •  Nikon lens 28-80
  • Nikon lens 70-300
  • Sigma 50-500mm 1:4-6.3 APO DG HSM (which I don’t use very much)
  • Phoenix 650mm-1100 lens (which I have never used at all and bought off e-bay)
  • Olympus E-410 Camera
  •  Olympus lens 14-42
  •  Olympus lens 40-150

I have two tripods but never seem to use them, but take them with me everywhere I go with the intention of using them.

  • Inca tri-pod AT330A which came with my Olympus camera.
  • Hanimex Tri-pod.

Nice complete list Noelene, thank you!

Please tell me, if there was no limit on your budget for photography equipment, what would you buy (include name brands and models, etc.)?

There is one thing I would love to buy and that is the new Nikon D90 and a Nikon Macro Lens. I will have to put them on my wish list, but other than that, I think I have been very lucky to be able to afford the equipment I have.

What, in your opinion, do you think has contributed to making your photos excellent?

Well I don’t think my photos are excellent, and there are many more talented people on Red Bubble than myself. They have inspired me to do better since joining the Bubble 16 months ago. When I first joined, my photos were terrible. Just by looking and reading, and the many wonderful people I have met, and with their help, I have made my photos what they are today. I am only too happy to help other people along the way and if they have any questions I am only tooo happy to answer them.

Noelene, your work is absolutely excellent, I think you are far too hard on yourself!

Do you have any favorite photography books, and also favorite photographers?

Yes I do have some favorite photography books and my all time favorites are:

1. A world of Movies ( 70 Years of Film History) by Richard Lawton

This book has all the photos of movie stars going back to 1896 -1973

2. Photographing Children by John Hedgecoe

This book shows you how to take photos of children.

Excellent choices of books Noelene!

Okay, I know that you own and work on an Australian sheep and cattle farm Noelene, in addition to your avid photography, so please tell us a little bit about that.

My husband and I have a property out in the middle of New South Wales which is situated between Grenfell and West Wyalong. We run Cattle, sheep, grow wheat, barley, oats, and another variety of wheat for Hay making to feed our stock. I have been here for 28 years and my husband is a second generation farmer taking over the family farm from his father over thirty years ago.

That is so fantastic Noelene, and I know everyone is going to enjoy your photos of the farming subjects as well as your other scenery and pictorial shots. Thank you for sharing your time and ideas with us here at IDP Noelene, it’s been a wonderful learning experience!

To see some more of Noelene’s photos, see her pages at:

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