Golden Turtle wildlife photo contest 2013

Green Turtle Wildlife Photo Contest

Ends October 31st 2013

One month is remained to the end of reception of works for the Golden Turtle wildlife photo contest. The competition is held in the same categories as before. Big changes this year did not happen, and the main ones are: crop permitting of photos up to to 50% of  the original and the change (increase) the number of experts & judges to improve the semi-final selection.

The results of the photo contest, as well as other competitions will be announced at the Festival of wild nature “Golden Turtle” in Moscow in the middle of 2014.
Golden Turtle wildlife photo contest invites photographers to participate and ask to inform potential participants about the photo contest, and also to share the creative competitions dedicated to the wild nature  – art contest and art-design contest opening through “Golden Turtle” Festival.

Reception of works accepted till 31/10/2013

New contest site:


Funded prize is $80’000 at this point.


Good luck!


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My Name is Ali Sadr and I am behind IDP. I am a Wildlife Explorer & Adventure Photographer. I always research to find innovative ways to use photography gear and techniques used by famous professional photographers. Here I will share my findings. You can learn from their gear and techniques to hone your skills.

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