Interview With professional HDR Photographer Noelene Davies

HDR Door

  An Intimate Look At Australian Farm Life This HDR how-to by professional HDR photographer Noelene Davies  is a special treat for our readers at IDP. I have had the pleasure recently of conducting an interview with Australian photographer/artist Noelene Davies. Noelene is the first person I have interviewed who also owns and works on […]

Photographer And Digital Artist John F. Edwards

Purple Rain by John Edwards

I was very pleased recently to conduct an Internet interview with a fantastic artist whose amazing work I found on, British photographer and digital artist John F. Edwards.  Mr. Edwards is an accomplished landscape and macro photographer, who also has developed his own special and beautiful technique for layering textures with his macro subjects, in […]

Straight From The Heart – An Interview With Photographer-Artist Madeline M. Allen

Fractal Gathering

A Fractal Gathering The photographic fractal art of Madeline Allen is awe-inspiring and exciting to view, and I was thrilled to recently have the chance to ask Maddy some questions for this interview!  I have interspersed some of Madeline’s beautiful photographic art pieces throughout this article. When did you get into photography? I first got […]

A Surreal Look At India: Interview with Art Photographer Prasad Dharmadhikari

Soaring for Dreams

I recently had the pleasure of conducting an Internet interview with Prasad Dharmadhikari, who resides in India.  This was a most enjoyable look at Prasad’s philosophical ideas about photography and art, and I am sure you will enjoy his amazing photographs, and also enjoy his quick mini-tutorial on how he uses the Photomerge capability of […]

Interview with photographer Andy Gibb

Misty Daybreak

I was very pleased with my recent opportunity for a chance to interview Andy Gibb, a wonderful Scottish photographer from Inverness, Scotland, UK.  Andy’s photography is extremely ethereal and painterly in style, and his sweeping vistas of the Scottish Highlands and other worthy subjects, transports the viewer into a spectacular world of splendid color and […]

Lots of Layers: Interview With Photographer/Artist Angela Harburn

Lots of Layers: Interview With Photographer/Artist Angela Harburn

I have had a most wonderful time recently viewing the photography of British photographer/artist Angela Harburn.  I hope you will enjoy Angela’s work and this interview as much as I did!  You can view some of Angela’s amazing photography at Hello Angela, please tell me when did you first get into photography? My love […]

Nature and Wildlife Photographer George Dangerfield

Canon EOS 20D, Canon 300mm f/4 L USM, Canon 1.4x extender, tripod, mirror lock-up, TC-80N3 remote controller, 1/13 sec, F/16, ISO 200

With a simple elegance, George Dangerfield, captures nature and wildlife at its essence. Usually attacking a single subject in each frame, he uses simplistic composition and color to leave each image well composed and uncluttered. Paying close attention to backgrounds and placement, Dangerfield has a knack for drawing the viewers eye directly to the insect, […]

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