Interview With Professional Night Photographer: Alister Benn

Nikon D3x Nikkor 14-24/ F2.8 @ 60 minutes - Single exposure

  If capturing a vision from a dream, an unreal beauty, a surreal image, seems unthinkable, photographer Alister Benn has done the impossible. His photographs of landscapes, seascapes, and mountains exemplify the true, unimaginable beauty of nature that so many of us have forgotten exists. Inspired by nature since childhood, Benn launched himself into an […]

Alister Benn: Photographer of Light

Alister Ben

  Remember your childhood imagination creating magical worlds, what you pictured heaven to look like, and the delightful places you dreamt of when you slept. Remember when you stopped believing in these dreamlike scenes and then look at Alister Benn’s photographs. You will surely question why you ever stopped believing in these places.   Alister […]

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