Famous HDR Photographers

HDR photography techniques & gear with professional HDR photographer Jason Connolly

Cleveleys During Sunset

I recently have had the great honor of interviewing a wonderful photographer from Northern England, Jason Connolly.  His work in High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography is nothing short of fabulous, as his main concentrations have been on the beautiful, picturesque English countryside. Jason’s work affects me personally as I am from the same part of […]

Interview With professional HDR Photographer Noelene Davies

HDR Door

  An Intimate Look At Australian Farm Life This HDR how-to by professional HDR photographer Noelene Davies  is a special treat for our readers at IDP. I have had the pleasure recently of conducting an interview with Australian photographer/artist Noelene Davies. Noelene is the first person I have interviewed who also owns and works on […]

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