Fashion Photography Techniques with Rossella Vanon

Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EF 50mm F1.4 USM + natural light by Rossella Vanon

  It is an understatement to say that, at only 26 years old, Rossella Vanon is one of the youngest masters of capturing light, beauty, and color. Rossella Vanon has won the following 2 awards; Professional Photographer of the Year 2011 (studio category) Artist Wanted – Art Takes Times Square 2012 (early entry) Her fashion […]

Underwater Fashion Photography Gear Recommended by Cal Mero

NIKON D80, Nikkor 10-17, F4.8 @ 1/60. Manual Exposure, No Flash.

  Cal Mero’s beautiful underwater photographs are a result of his masterful talent with the slight help of some professional equipment. Though the eye of the photographer is, of course, the most important tool, in the following article Mero recommends the best gear to make the most of an image.   Underwater Fashion Photography Lighting […]

An Interview with Professional Underwater Fashion Photographer Cal Mero

Under water Fashion Shot by Cal Mero

  From looking at the radiating photographs taken by Cal Mero, its hard to believe this underwater fashion photographer when he says his first 10,000 photographs were “terrible”. Mero first became interested in the art after he began to pursue the sport of scuba diving in his hometown of Melbourne, bringing with him an underwater […]

Interview With Mauricio Handler: Underwater Photographer Shares His Passion

It was taken freediving and on the surface as two sailfish, male and female came to the waters surface. Nikon D3 w/ 17-35 mm lens and 2x Ikelite strobes.

What lies below the sea seems a mystery to many of us land dwellers. However, marine photojournalist, Mauricio Handler, does an incredible job of capturing the deep blue sea and shooting images of what occurs beneath the surface. He uses light in an incredible way to portray the creatures that live beneath the surface most […]

Famous Underwater Digital Photographer, Marine photojournalist and Explorer: Mauricio Handler

Mauricio Handler during a British Virgin Islands workshop. Note the early rig- a Mamiya RZ67 housed in an Aquatica Housing. Photo Credit: RAUL TOUZON

  With an addiction to jet fuel and a passion for adventure, Mauricio Handler created a career for himself in marine photojournalism. His photographs reveal mysteries that exist both above and below sea level, capturing the grace and beauty of marine life. Passionate about documenting life, landscapes, and peoples living close to any and all […]

Interview With Professional Night Photographer: Alister Benn

Nikon D3x Nikkor 14-24/ F2.8 @ 60 minutes - Single exposure

  If capturing a vision from a dream, an unreal beauty, a surreal image, seems unthinkable, photographer Alister Benn has done the impossible. His photographs of landscapes, seascapes, and mountains exemplify the true, unimaginable beauty of nature that so many of us have forgotten exists. Inspired by nature since childhood, Benn launched himself into an […]

Alister Benn: Photographer of Light

Alister Ben

  Remember your childhood imagination creating magical worlds, what you pictured heaven to look like, and the delightful places you dreamt of when you slept. Remember when you stopped believing in these dreamlike scenes and then look at Alister Benn’s photographs. You will surely question why you ever stopped believing in these places.   Alister […]

Fashion Photography Art with Professional Fashion Photographer: Tony Ryan

Fashion Photographer Tony Ryan: An Eye For Beauty

To capture the natural, authentic beauty of the naked body is a difficult skill that Australian Fashion photographer and artist, Tony Ryan, has mastered. With a deep passion for photography and portraying the beauty of the curves of women, Ryan shares his success story in the following interview. How and why did you become involved […]

The serenity of the wilderness, Interview with Famous Landscape Photographer Peter Bowers

© All rights reserved. By Peter Bowers

The Landscape photography of professional photographer Peter Bowers. Learn more from Peter Bowers photography techniques and gear in this interview. © All rights reserved. By Peter Bowers   When the hectic life of a trader gives way to free time, you’ll often find Peter Bowers exploring the wilderness near his native Toronto, Canada by canoe, […]

HDR photography techniques & gear with professional HDR photographer Jason Connolly

Cleveleys During Sunset

I recently have had the great honor of interviewing a wonderful photographer from Northern England, Jason Connolly.  His work in High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography is nothing short of fabulous, as his main concentrations have been on the beautiful, picturesque English countryside. Jason’s work affects me personally as I am from the same part of […]

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