Birds As Art Photo Competition 2012

Birds As Art Photo Competition 2011

Birds As Art Photo Competition 2012


The Birds As Art Photo Contest

For the first time ever, Birds as Art is holding a photography competition. Birds as Art is an online resource and organization that is passionate about photographing birds and providing resources to help other people photograph birds. Organized by Arthur Morris, the premise behind the competition is to be able to be relaxed with digital post processing and honor beautiful images of avian life. There are 11 categories in the competition, ranging from captivity photos to motion to action, flight, and portraits.

The closing date for entries is March 31, 2012. The Winning entries will be announced and the prizes will be awarded no later than May 31, 2012.

The Birds As Art Photo Rules

Any photographer may enter up to ten images for a registration fee of US$25 but may register as many times as desired. All images captured must be in RAW format with a maximum width of 1400 pixels and a maximum height up 900 pixels. Photographers are permitted to edit out both large and small distractions from the image as long as the nature of the captured moment remains preserved. The images will undergo several rounds of judging by five main judges who will choose an honorable mention, a runner-up, and a First Place winner from each of the 11 categories, followed by one Grand Prize Winner.

The Birds As Art Photo Prize

There is one main Grand Prize Winner who will receive a variety of new luxury equipment as well as a $500 gift card to B&H Photo Video. All First Place winners will also receive luxury equipment as well as a $100 gift card. Runners-up will receive equipment and a $50 gift card, and honorable mentions will receive equipment as well as a $25 gift card.

To learn more about this contest and to see a full list of prizes and contest rules, please visit

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