Golden Turtle wildlife photo contest 2013

Green Turtle Wildlife Photo Contest

One month is remained to the end of reception of works for the Golden Turtle wildlife photo contest. The competition is held in the same categories as before. Big changes this year did not happen, and the main ones are: crop permitting of photos up to to 50% of  the original and the change (increase) […]

Nature and Wildlife Photographer George Dangerfield

Canon EOS 20D, Canon 300mm f/4 L USM, Canon 1.4x extender, tripod, mirror lock-up, TC-80N3 remote controller, 1/13 sec, F/16, ISO 200

With a simple elegance, George Dangerfield, captures nature and wildlife at its essence. Usually attacking a single subject in each frame, he uses simplistic composition and color to leave each image well composed and uncluttered. Paying close attention to backgrounds and placement, Dangerfield has a knack for drawing the viewers eye directly to the insect, […]

Digital Infrared Photography – Part 1

Hand-tinted infrared print from b/w infrared film

How Easy It Is, And Why It Is A Cut Above Film Old vs. New I came from the ‘old school’ of photography, you know, Paterson tanks, TMax developer, cutting negatives, then onto the enlarger and into trays of Edwal developer, stop bath and fixer.  I loved the smell of the darkroom actually; it was […]

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