2011 National Geographic Photo Contest

National Geographic Photography Contest

National Geographic Photography Contest


Its the time again for National Geographic’s annual photography competition. Images can be submitted in categories of people, places, and nature as long as they “keep it real” and reflect an authentic moment captured in time.

The National Geographic Photography Contest Rules

Each photographer is required to register on www.ngphotocontest.com and must submit a US$15 registration fee along with a single portrait. A photographer may submit as many images as he/she would like but must remember that an additional fee and re-registration are required with every submission. All images must be submitted in digital JPEG format of no larger than 5 megabytes and should be 1,600 pixels tall and may not have undergone complicated post processing or image manipulation.

Images will undergo three rounds of judging. The first will be done by a group of experts who will evaluate photos based on creativity and photographic quality, choosing ten finalists from every category. This will be followed by a second round of judges who will choose one finalist from every category and, in the third round, a grand prize winner will be chosen.

The National Geographic Photography Contest Prize

The First Place winner in each category will each receive US$2,500, and his/her winning photograph will be published in National Geographic magazine. The Grand Prize winner will receive, in addition to the First Place prize, US$7,500 and a trip to the District of Columbia, USA from Jan. 10 to Jan. 13, 2012 to participate in the National Geographic Photography Seminar.

Be sure to read a detailed description of rules and regulations at http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/photo-contest/rules/

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